The EMDR Intensive Program FAQ’s

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Where is this held? 

Intensive are held at my Knoxville office. Telehealth is an option in Tennessee.

How do I prep for this?

Clients are asked to set up a portal. A welcome packet and other intake paperwork will be sent to you through this portal. Clients are asked to complete and submit all paperwork to me no less than 48 hours prior to your first intensive day

What does a typical day in an intensive look like?

The intensive day begins at 9:00 AM. A personalized plan based on your needs and goals will be established during the consultation call. Sessions longer than 3 hours will include an hour break for lunch. Other breaks are included as needed throughout the day. Snacks and drinks will be made available throughout the day.

How much time do I need to schedule?

During your consultation interview, we will discuss what you would like to work on and the goals you would like to achieve through the Intensive.  At that time, you and I will decide how much time will be needed.  This may change as treatment progresses and can be collaboratively modified with additional days added as needed.

What are some other benefits of an intensive?

  • Giving yourself a dedicated chunk of time allows you to go deeper on the memories and symptoms that brought you into therapy, going deeper with more rapid insights and relief.
  • It is more efficient. With multiple sessions compacted into one day you reduce the time spent opening and closing each session and therefore increase the amount of progress you can make.
  • For many, a recent or single incident trauma can often be resolved in one 1-3 day intensive.
  • After an intensive, many experience a significant decrease in the symptoms that brought them in which allows for a reduction of the time in traditional therapy, and in some cases, eliminating it completely. This translates to more free time for yourself and others.
  • An ability to resume or accelerate progress in other therapy modalities, like couples therapy, after being “stuck” prior. Intensives can be an impactful short-term additional to your current therapy-“adjunct therapy.” 

What happens after?

Some clients can complete an intensive and then return to their lives ready to move forward. Others benefit from an ongoing relationship with a therapist following the intensive. This can be an established therapist if doing adjunct EMDR work or a new therapy relationship. I will assist you with referral options if needed at the end of the intensive.Clients with a more complex trauma history will likely need to schedule additional intensives to fully process and heal. In addition, a weekly therapist to help support them between Intensives may be recommended or required. This will be thoroughly assessed and discussed in the consultation call as well as during the intensive.

If I already have a primary therapist, can I do an EMDR intensive as adjunct therapy?

Yes. We will identify your goals and coordination of care needs during the consultation call. A release of information is required to provide adjunct therapy. In some cases, a coordination of care call may be required prior to scheduling to further determine candidacy for an intensive.

How much will it cost?

When I reserve time for your Intensive, I will be reserving that entire day to work with you. All begin with a two-hour intake and at least a 3-hour intensive day at the rate of $ 1,1150. Additional days are priced accordingly, a 3-hour half-day rate is $690 and the 4-hour at $920. Intensive pricing is done by developing your individualized package program. 

As part of the No Surprises Act, a good faith estimate for your intensive program will be provided to you prior to starting. A 50% deposit will be required to confirm your Intensive reservation, and the remaining 50% will be paid on the first day of the Intensive. Intensive therapy is a financial investment in you and your future. Intensives are highly concentrated and as a result, are often more cost effective than ongoing weekly therapy costs.

What if I need to cancel?

If something comes up and you are unable to attend your intensive, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss rescheduling.  Rescheduling will not affect your deposit or payment.  If you need to cancel your intensive entirely, you will lose your deposit. All clients are given a welcome packet outlining the cancellation policy for Creekside. Clients will be charged the daily rate for a late cancel or no-show.

Do I have to live in Knoxville to schedule?

No. One of the many beautiful things about Intensives is that since the work is concentrated into several days, rather than an ongoing weekly basis, clients can travel to Knoxville, TN from all anywhere for several days to participate in an Intensive. Telehealth is also an option in Tennessee.

Please click here to schedule your complimentary 30-minute EMDR Intensive Consultation with Bonnie Barclay, LCSW. This is an opportunity to speak directly with me prior to scheduling to clarify your counseling needs, goals, and how this accelerated approach may benefit you. I look forward to talking soon.