Unhealed trauma affects every part of us: mind, body and soul.

Trauma and abandonment disconnect people from their body as a source of pleasure and comfort, or even as a part of themselves that needs care and nurturance. When we cannot rely on our body to signal safety or warning and instead feel chronically overwhelmed by physical stirrings, we lose the capacity to feel at home in our own skin and, by extension, in the world.
Bessel A. van der Kolk


If we want to truly heal, we have to start addressing our whole being, not just parts of ourselves. At Creekside Counseling and Wellness, we are committed to helping you heal, adding massage therapy to our list of services.

Adding massage to your health and wellness routine can greatly improve your overall physical comfort, reduce stress, enhance relaxation, and soothe the nervous system to bring you into a state of calm. Soothing the nervous systems allows clients to begin reconnecting with their body again in a positive way.

Massage and EMDR work beautifully in tandem as part of trauma healing. Having the opportunity to do both in-house, allows our staff to collaborate as needed for a trauma-sensitive approach to body healing.

Each massage session begins with a private conversation between client and massage therapist. That communication covers the client’s needs as well as possible triggers, while also helping to establish the ever-important element of trust. Having a trauma-sensitive massage therapist can make the difference between a healing experience or a triggering one. Here at Creekside, we want our clients to have a place where their nervous systems can calm, even if it is just for an hour in the beginning.

Cost: $95/60-minute massage. 90-minute massages are also available.