Invitation to Therapy

“The past affects the present even without our being aware of it.”

― Francine Shapiro

Creekside Counseling Office
I am so glad you are here! Everyone needs help sometimes, myself included. This is my invitation to partner with you in the healing process of EMDR therapy.
Going from STUCK to EMPOWERED: stepping into the version of yourself you know is inside of you!!
Trauma or distressing events are usually at the core of being STUCK. This can be big T traumas or “little T” events.

In my 20+ years, I have found it’s the “little T” traumas that can hold us back: The kid in 7th grade bullying us, wrecking our bike and a parent saying, “you are so stupid.”  These seemingly insignificant incidences can have a huge impact on how we show up today in our relationships, family and work. Most of my clients are blown away at how simple something seemed, but how impactful it was.

EMDR helps you access the brain’s natural healing process to reprocess faulty information stored at the time of the event

How I would work with new EMDR clients:

  1. I will help you discover those big or little T traumas that are blocking your success
  2. We will work to identify limiting or negative beliefs coming up from this event that keep you stuck today
  3. We will identify what you would like to believe about yourself instead. THIS WILL NOT FEEL TRUE NOW BUT WILL AFTER EMDR
  4. We will pair the positive belief you would like to believe about yourself with the event to create more adaptive information. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO FEEL THE SHIFT IN YOUR MIND AND BODY.
  5. Using EMDR, I will help you take this positive belief and feeling into a future event that you may believe to be “triggering” and successfully walk through this event with this new belief and overall feeling of success

EMDR for Peak Performance

EMDR for Peak Performance gets right down to the core of the problem, and the core of your new opportunities.This approach is much more than just setting clear goals, or talking to a sympathetic listener.

You will learn the mental skills you need to:

  • Successfully navigate setbacks, (injuries—for athletes) and transitions to come back stronger than ever.
  • Strengthen your performance and achieve new levels of excellence while simultaneously reducing stress levels.
  • Perform at your absolute best- even when the situation is stressful and the stakes are high.
  • Gain clarity about what you want and remove the barriers keeping you from achieving it.

The best of way of knowing this is to ask your self:
What is it I would like to achieve, and what is holding me back?

If you are experiencing areas of “stuckness” you are certainly not alone!

But wouldn’t it feel fantastic to get unstuck and grow into your next level of success?

I specialize in using eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) as a core treatment approach and will use other compatible modalities as appropriate and in conjunction with EMDR therapy. I am passionate about helping you step into the version of yourself you know is inside of you!!

Rates: $200/session

***Intensives priced upon request as they are tailored to a clients specific needs**

Schedule your complimentary 15 minute new client consultation with Bonnie Barclay, LCSW. This is an opportunity to speak directly with me prior to scheduling to clarify your counseling needs and initial goals.
I look forward to hearing from you!!